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Our bodies require a certain amount of energy to operate. How much energy we possess is based on a combination of factors, including our health, fitness, training and nutrition—even our way of thinking and how we live our lives.

Whenever the body is asked to perform, it uses this stored energy to move. If there are no restrictions to movement, the body is free to perform with efficiency and ease. Available energy is used to propel the body forward as we engage in any sport, activity or action, rendering us strong, agile and fit.

If there are fascial restrictions in our body structure, however, our joints are also restricted. As the range of motion in our joints is reduced, every aspect of our functioning is affected. Restrictions also create distortions within the body – similar to the tires of your car being out of alignment. Our body then must compensate for these distortions, so we have less energy to devote to agility, speed and performance. 

When these restrictions are addressed and strain patterns corrected, we can function much more efficiently. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend golfer or a sports enthusiast cheering on your favourite team from the comfort of your home, you can benefit from helping your body function more optimally.

How Can Craniosacral Therapy Help?

Craniosacral Unwinding can help the body work more efficiently by addressing restrictive strain and tension patterns in our connective tissue. Once these restrictions are located and treated, we can begin to look at the reasons why they were there in the first place. Restrictions generally arise due to an accumulation of past events but may also be due to activities or habits. With a new awareness as to the root cause of your restrictions, we can complement your treatment with certain stretches and lifestyle changes specifically tailored to your needs, so that you can optimally integrate and maintain the changes made.

Gaining a New Understanding of our Bodies

Most athletes already have a heightened awareness of their bodies, and their appreciation of the finer details of bio-mechanics leads many of my athlete clients to get excited about the prospect of becoming more efficient—especially in the areas of the sacrum, SI joints, hips and legs. Craniosacral Unwinding is generally different from other more traditional healthcare modalities and so a shift in understanding is sometimes needed in order to appreciate this kind of work.  It can be an awakening experience to feel how the body’s fascia responds to gentle pressure, with effects that reverberate throughout the entire body.

Very often, this connective tissue is the dictating factor in chronic issues. While digging deep into the muscle tissue often gives quick relief from tension and pain, it may not address the underlying issues that lead to and perpetuate the restriction. Embracing Craniosacral Unwinding often means embracing a new concept of the anatomy of our body and how it works on a holistic level.

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