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Injury and Trauma

What Happens When We Get Injured or Experience Trauma?

Fascia is a continuous, interconnected, mesh-like connective tissue network that extends throughout the entire body. Physical trauma and/or injury can alter the fascial fabric and create local, distant, or full-body stress that may cause dysfunction or illness. When this fascial fabric is strained, twisted, or pulled out of balance, it can impact the whole body. These impacts or experiences can introduce excess energy into the body, and over time this extra tension can accumulate and create stressful patterns in the fascia that then go on to become restrictions (parts of the body that cannot move or function properly). 

If the body cannot manage to disperse the extra energy that has accumulated in the tissue, it instead begins to compensate for these restrictions, meaning it simply works around the restrictions in the best way possible—unfortunately this often contributes to the magnitude of the restriction. Over time, these tensional disturbances can compound and exacerbate one another, pulling us into a spiral of pain and dysfunction.

Eventually, these chronic, long-term distorted fascial patterns can alter and affect our musculoskeletal system, organs and blood vessels. These strain patterns can then be transmitted through the interconnection of skin, bone and membranes into the deeper parts of our body, affecting the environments of the brain and spinal cord and/or the brain and spinal cord themselves.

Movement, Joy, Dancing and Eating!

As explained above, our bodies can collect restrictions over time. We can rid ourselves of excess tension in many ways—through movement such as walking, hiking, dancing, biking, swimming, yoga and stretching. Laughing, spending time with friends, eating nourishing and delicious food and reducing stress can also help ease our tension. Very often, however, there are areas in the body, brain and spinal cord that remain unaffected by these activities, for various reasons. Thus, even as we care for our minds and bodies, binding restrictions deep within our biological network can compound unabated. This is where Craniosacral Unwinding comes in.

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