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My Own Craniosacral Therapy Journey

My Health Crisis

When I was in my early twenties, working as a travel agent and fitness instructor / personal trainer, I began to experience severe, debilitating headaches. For three years, I pursued every conventional medical avenue with no success. My life basically crashed. My work began to suffer. I had to stop teaching aerobics because I couldn’t jump anymore.

The pain got worse and worse, to the point where I could not even stand up without holding onto my head. Going over a bump in a car caused excruciating pain. Searching desperately for a diagnosis, I tried everything—CAT scans, MRIs, encephalograms, orthodontics, chiropractic. I was relieved when tests revealed that the pain was not caused by a tumor or aneurysm, but I was still suffering horribly. Near the end of these three years, a neurologist suggested that perhaps I should see a psychiatrist, saying, “There is nothing wrong with you.”

Finding a Solution

Finally, when I was nearly ready to give up, I met Dallas Hancock, a chiropractor who also did Craniosacral Therapy. I had a two-hour Craniosacral session with Dallas, during which he asked me, “What happened to the left side of your face?” I considered the question, and remembered that when I was 13 years old, I had sustained an injury while horseback riding—the horse I was riding at the time reared back, and his head struck mine full force. Though I had not thought about the incident for years, I remembered that it was the left side of my face that had been struck, because my left front tooth was knocked out.

“Yup,” replied Dallas. “That’ll do it.”

Dallas explained that several of my cranial bones were compacted, and my maxilla was jammed up into my sphenoid bone. When he released these bones and made several other adjustments, my pain disappeared entirely.

My Journey

This was the beginning of my enthusiastic journey into bodywork. I was so intrigued and impressed by what had happened to me in that single two-hour session that it changed the course of my life. Delving more deeply into my work as a personal trainer, I began to learn more about stretching and fascia. This in turn inspired me to become a Massage Therapist, and to study Rolfing, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy.

Today, I work with a wide range of clients—from seniors, to young adults, to high-level athletes. I see people who face challenges related to chronic or acute pain, dysfunction, post-concussion symptoms, trauma and injuries. I also work with people who have issues around athletic performance, aging, immunity and wellness.

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